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Inspired by true historical events…


A man's normal life is turned upside down when he inherits an ancient crystal artifact, and becomes "the key" to unshackle the world from the dominance of energy slavery and the underground One World Government.


After intense and dangerous detective work, Jon Lockhart learns that the Lockhart family has been hiding the crystal, otherwise known as “The Heart” from the evil Illuminati for the last 1,000 years, since the time of Robert the Bruce and the Crusades.


The Crystal Heart contains a scientific code that can generate enough unlimited, clean energy to power the entire world. Now Jon must find a way to protect his family’s secret, and the future energy supply by keeping the Crystal Heart safe from the “Illuminati” elite who will stop at nothing to find the heart and finally control the world’s energy supply forever.


Excerpt from an interview with LOCKHART Director Rocky Collins

"What attracted me to this project was how grand the story is, and how big David’s vision was. I knew it was going to be challenging, as in Jerry Bruckheimer status challenging. But that’s also what drew me to the film.


The fact that this script is a trilogy and this film was just one part of the story was a really interesting challenge.  There’s so much depth and story in this project. Part of my  job was finding ways to bring it all out and let the audience digest it in just two hours.


The other thing that drew me was David’s mindset as the writer.  Even though we had challenges in terms of budget, those challenges are the fun part of filmmaking. You know what you do have and also what you don’t have but somehow you still have to get everything done.


That’s also why I like working with David. No matter what, he's committed that you’re going to get it done.  As a director, you can’t say no to that.  His tenacity is inspiring, which is why he had such an amazing crew. Everyone who worked on this film really stepped it up and was a champion in the making of it.


By the time the third movie is done, hopefully we've simplified the main idea of this film, which is that we are all more powerful than we realize.


And that we need to remember how powerful we are, not just for ourselves but for the survival of our planet."

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